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  • Lisa

    West Orange, NJ

    “I hired PaintCorp to paint the exterior of my house. They did such a great job I used them for the interior too! They did the little extras that made the job exceed my expectations!”

  • Amanda

    Orange, NJ

    "I had my deck refinished, stained, and waterproofed.  Nick was professional and helpful with the decision-making process and the work was high quality.  I would use him again."

  • Harry

    Rockaway, NJ

    "Owner Nick Fiore led a team of three other guys in a thorough prepping and painting project of my 1893 Victorian which had significant areas of peeling paint and required substantial detail work because of decorative woodwork including moldings, scallops and "gingerbread."  The prep work was extremely labor-intensive and required a fair amount of time but Nick and his crew were quite scrupulous about meeting a very high standard of surface preparation.  The overall verdict is that Nick and his carefully selected team have a very strong work ethic and high standards.  What I would emphasize about Nick is that he is a decent and ethical person.  I would highly recommend him."