Color Selection Guidance

When it comes to selecting paint colors, the amount of choices can be overwhelming!  However, at PaintCorp we always provide you with the guidance you need to pick just the right colors to suit your family and your lifestyle.

When do you begin when selecting colors?  Some find that identifying an ‘inspiration piece’ is the best way to begin selecting colors for a particular room.  Is there a lamp, or chair or cushion that you are drawn to and the color makes you feel at home?  Once you identify the inspiration piece it is then possible to begin building a color palette for that room.

However, always keep in mind the need to transition from room to room, so that the color scheme flows and there isn’t an abrupt change when you walk from the living room into the kitchen, for instance.

Another way to approach color selection is to begin collecting pages out of magazines that show room décor that you are attracted to.  Be sure and compare these pages to your current rooms, keeping in mind what furniture will be staying in the room.

At the end of the day, it’s all about balance and feelings.  When you walk into your house, you want it to feel like home!

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