Exterior Preparation

Everyone wants to get the best price possible when it comes to improvements on their home. When it comes to exterior painting, the temptation is to go straight to the painting and not be bothered with proper surface preparation.

While the initial job of ‘painting over the top’ may seem to look good, without proper preparation of the surface it won’t last long! Even if you use the best paint, if it goes on over an unprepared surface it is like trying to hang a plain piece of paper on a refrigerator without a magnet – no matter how hard you try, it simply won’t stick!

There are various levels of preparation for exterior painting. The first level is to power wash the exterior. Once all dirt is removed, it is then possible to make a determination if more is required. If there is obvious lose paint, then spot sanding may be necessary. In extreme cases, is may be necessary to sand all the way down to the base material.

Once the surface is correctly prepared, it is then time to prime and paint, creating a durable finish that will last for many years.

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