Prior to beginning each interior painting project, we provide you with an outline of our interior painting process, our painting project checklist, and a schedule that we follow rigorously. Every project that we do follows our process because it’s what works for us and it’s ultimately what provides the most satisfaction for our valued clients.

Because we realize that you are never painting a room in isolation – it is always a part of the larger picture that is your house – we take the time to walk through your house, and provide you with color and texture options so that you can make an informed decision. We want you to enjoy your home on a daily basis and be proud of your home when you entertain guests.

Our interior painting process begins with providing you with the color chips and samples so you can make decision, proper protection of your furniture and floors, safe staging and set up, daily clean ups, weekly clean ups, and of course a final walk through with one of our painting experts to ensure you are completely happy with our work.

We have been providing quality interior painting to the central New Jersey and NYC area since 1987.

We do not leave your home until we have completed our 24-point checklist and you are ecstatic about your new interior painting or wall covering application.

With every project, we realize that you are inviting us into your home, not to a construction site. Therefore, all of our painting experts take the proper steps to be clean, neat, and organized with their appearance and with their work.

There are a variety of finishes that can be used on the interior of a home, ranging from wall paper to plaster.  The most common ones are:
  • Faux finishes

This category covers a wide range of finishes using paint, various additives and a variety of application techniques such as combing, sponging, ragging and brushing to give the walls an appearance of plaster, stone, marble etc.

  • Tone on Tone stripping

Using the same color, but two different finished such as flat and semi-gloss, the wall can be masked and stripes painted where the only difference between the stripes is the sheen on the paint.

  • Wall paper

Wall paper is making a comeback, but usually not on all four walls in one room.  Often a feature wall can be papered and the other three walls painted.  Also, putting up a chair rail or some type of trim partway of the wall can create a two town approach, with paint either top or bottom and the opposing space wall papered.

  • Cloth finishes

A variety of cloth finishes have started to trend as a choice of wall finish, with linen as one of the most popular.

We respect your home and have daily and weekly cleanup checklists to ensure that we leave no trace behind, except for a beautiful paint job. We consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to work on your home – whether for an exterior painting project or another type of home maintenance project, and we take care to respect your home at every step of the job.

Our goal for every exterior painting project that we undertake is to increase the value, the life, and the beauty of your home. Throughout our 26 years in business, we have learned that there is much more that goes into a job than just paint.

Our exterior painting process includes extensive prep work, stripping, wood replacement, and whatever else is necessary to ensure the best possible final outcome for your home. We are certified in removing and disposing of all types of paint from your home. Paint removal and disposal is a labor intensive process, but it is the only way to truly achieve beautiful results that will last.

Exterior painting can extend the life of your home by protecting it from the elements and the harsh weather, especially the weather we experience here in New Jersey. If you do not have proper coatings on your home, you are exposed to compromising the materials and subjecting them to warping, rot, and mold, all of which can have long term damaging effects to your home.

When you hire PaintCorp for an exterior painting project, we work closely with you and keep you informed of our process every step of the way. Prior to all of our projects, we will sit down and review our process with you, set a painting schedule, and make you feel comfortable with the service we will be providing for you.

We provide wood deck refinishing in New Jersey and local areas, including Essex, Union, Morris, Passaic, and Bergen Counties. We also serve areas around Central Jersey and Southern Jersey.
There are five basic steps to refinishing a deck and producing a professional result:
  1. 1) Apply deck stripper to take off all layers of paint and stain.
  2. 2) Apply desk cleaner that will neutralized the stripper and clean the wood.
  3. 3) Secure nails/screws in floorboards and handrails, tighten all lag bolts as needed.
  4. 4) Sand all floors, handrails and spindles.
  5. 5) Apply one to two coats of stain.


At PaintCorp we pride ourselves in producing a quality result every time for our clients.  Wood decks should be refinished every 3-4 years in order to keep them safe and splinter free, protect them from seasonal weather, and of course keep them looking beautiful. Deck maintenance is something that you should not let lapse. If you do, your deck simply won’t last very long.

Clean gutters protect your home from water damage, keep water away from your basement, protect driveways, patios, and sidewalks from erosion, protect landscaping, and help prevent moisture conditions that are conducive to termites and other pests.

Sign up for a Spring and Fall maintenance plan and save, when you bundle our services together.
We offer the following services:
  •  -Power washing
  •  -Gutter cleaning
  •  -Window cleaning
  •  -Roof cleaning
  •  -Driveway cleaning and sealing

Ask us about our free home maintenance home consultation.

Use Paintcorp to help you decide when and what sort of wall finishes you need.